I’m All Out of White Flags!


Just recently I have spoken to some dear friends who find themselves facing opposition at every turn. Their response to this opposition was to cancel, sign-off, and edit their plans. In short, they chose to take the road too often traveled and give up on what it is they wanted to do. My initial reaction was that I became frustrated with them because I was disappointed at how easily they had given up and raised the white flag of surrender. But, I had to admit to myself that I too have been and am guilty of the same thing. We can reason with ourselves and say we are avoiding stress, heartache, and whatever fits your particular circumstance. However, I challenge you to ask whether you are avoiding your worst fear…failure.

The truth is that with every opportunity will come opposition (catchy huh? heard it preached before, wish I came up with the phrase). Do not wave your white flag yet. As of today it seems I am all out of white flags:)

No surrender…P16 is your life….HATCHED!



    1. That is a great perspective to have and you are great at motivating people like me to just get on with it. Pursue your passion rather than just dream about it. Thank you!

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