Strength Training

Overcoming adversity seems to be the theme for the week. Naturally, it is because most people do not go a single day without facing some kind of obstacle. Sure the daily grind can take a toll on anyone, but I want to take just a moment to think about those things that repeatedly haunt us. It could be a job that you dread going to, a family member or friend who is emotionally draining, or perhaps your finances are not where you would want them to be. This is adversity that adorns itself in a cloak and boogie man mask and appears to be around every turn. It is the kind that leads to poor health, both physical and emotional.

If you do some research on how to overcome adversity a keyword is resilience. You have to be able to “role with the punches” and “be flexible”. All I could think in response to these statements was….duh!

The best advice I did find however, was do not go through it alone. Use your resources and know who you can confide in even if it is only a dialogue between you and God. The old saying that what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger” is not and absolute truth. But if you work on building your strength by exercising the internal and external resources you have (family, friends, church, meditation), then when the time comes perhaps the weight will be less heavy, or at least you won’t buckle from it. Check out.. for more information.

Until next time…take one rep at a time.

P16 is your life….HATCHED!


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