Don’t forget to eat!


Have you ever been so hungry that you had to grab something off the shelf in the grocery store and eat it before you paid for it? Or perhaps, you find you are irritable, snapping at people, only to realize its because you have neglected to eat lunch at work. This happens from time to time and begs the question, why would we allow ourselves to become so ravenous that we loose control of our impulses?

Self-deprivation in and of itself is not a negative thing. But to deprive yourself of things that are essential to living is irrational at best. Yet many of us not only deprive ourselves of the physical things we need, we also deprive ourselves of the emotional and/or spiritual food we need.

I do not know what you do to feed your soul. Me personally, I read. I read my bible, I read for fun, and I read to increase my knowledge of things that interest me. I even use this blog as an outlet and believe it to be of utmost importance in keeping me focused and balanced.

So ask yourself, what essential need are you depriving yourself of? Is it family? Is it rest? Is it living life in general? The only thing in your way of getting it is you. If you don’t feed yourself you will succumb to the irrational and impractical. Take the time to feed your soul…

P16 is your life….HATCHED!


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