Bridle My Blog

So, on average I write a blog post every 5 to 6 days.  If I were in this to make money or become famous, I would be doing a pitiful job!  Good news is that I am not in this for anything other than expressing the random thoughts that I have from time to time.

Truthfully, though, even I censor what I post to this blog.  It is not that I am afraid to tackle the hard topics.  Instead the issue is that this blog is meant to uplift instead of tear down.  With that there is a responsibility to try and avoid opening any door for bullying or retaliation to anyone who finds their way to P16.

If I had it my way I would post everything that crosses my mind.  I have plenty to say about all that is going on in the world today (just ask my husband who had to listen to me ramble on and on).  But the most unfortunate thing is that the world is not ready for open dialogue.  For if a person expresses their viewpoints, even in the most respectful manner possible, it is likely to elicit hostility from at least one other person.  This leads to an immediate end to the discussion leaving all parties agitated, furious, and/or discouraged.

Yes, I understand being passionate about what one believes.  I understand that one is entitled to their own perspective.  What I cannot understand is disrespect and hatred.  I am not morally supreme by any means, but I do hope for a world where we have a lot less anger and a lot more love.  Heck I would even take more “like” if love is asking a bit much.  But until then I will continue to post guided by the desire to uplift and inspire.  But trust me, when the world is ready I will give a peek into my inner workings if you will.

My mother told me once that I had to learn to bridle my tongue in order to keep myself out of trouble.  So I guess having worked so hard at that (and believe you me, it is a challenge) that I have also learned to “bridle my blog”.  It doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it though (now pouting).

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!


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