Soul Suppression


It is amazing what one can learn from a brief discussion. I once had someone tell me that they were concerned about me because I seemed to be changing. In their estimation I had become more focused on investing in my beliefs and maturing in my faith. At first I was not sure how to take this. My first reaction was to be blow it off and ignore it. But then I realized something. Definitely a lightbulb moment!

There was nothing inherently wrong with the comment the person made. They were merely expressing their observations of my behaviors. The small glimpses of the real me that I let shine through when I let my guard down. The real problem was with me.

Instead of being me 24/7 I had been busy suppressing my true self instead of letting others get to know the real me. I have not quite figured out why, but I know my actions were in part to avoid conflict and to go along with the status quo.

So in my quest to make others happy and comfortable I managed to engage in SOUL SUPPRESSION…..

Do you feel like you are not able to be you? Do you feel weighed down by the everyday? If so, you may suffer from soul suppression too:(

The only cure……get HATCHED! Start living, dreaming, and working toward your passion. Take a dose of P16…..after all….P16 is your life…….HATCHED!


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