Lead Legs


So….one of my pet peeves is when people use sports analogies for everything. Now I will immediately display to you what hypocrisy looks like by using a sports analogy. But, unlike everyone else’s this is a must read:)

Seriously though. I ran in a half-marathon this past Sunday. I am in no way an athlete, but took this on as a way to improve my health. I’m sure that this is not an unfamiliar story but I would like to tell it anyway. Because even if it were only for a moment I was part of a world where everyone had one purpose…to finish.

It was so refreshing. Strangers uniting around a common goal, encouraging each other, championing one another. When you leave that world and enter back into daily life, the stark contrast is like a punch to the gut.

It is most unfortunate that I can say that I know people who specialize in narcissism, pessimism, cynicism and all the other isms. And it is these that make the race of life seem impossible to win. The negative energy that the exude can be overwhelming. Almost making you want to wave your white flag (I’m all out of white flags). But much like the foot race I had opportunity to experience, I am determined, lead legs and all, to cross the finish line.

It only reality that asthe race goes on you will at times feel like you cannot take another step. But it is during these times that you have to dig deep. No…..deeper! DEEPER! It’s there, it really is. But, if by chance you can’t find it, remember this. There are others who run with you. Stranger to you I may be, but I am that person who is cheering you on, that person who wants you to succeed. I am that person who still believes in hopes and dreams. We wear the same jersey! So crawl, walk, skip, or run to where you want to be…..just keep moving.

This concludes the hypocritical sports analogy of Lead Legs;)

P16 is your life….HATCHED!


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