What I Learned in 1st Grade……


As I sat down in the itty bitty chair that is amazingly strong enough to hold the weight of a full grown woman, my senses were flooded by familiar sights and smells.  Crayons, marker, paintings and drawings, and books and more books.  The one major difference was the computers and the smartboard.

The other major difference is that I am now able to appreciate that children learn a lot more than reading, writing, and arithmetic.  They are learning social and life skills that are pertinent to every person no matter their age.  In fact I am starting to wonder if some of us grown folks should be required to repeat first grade. Many of us have no concept of sharing, helping, mentoring, or working in teams.  These are all on the list of skills taught in my daughter’s class.

Lastly, one thing that stood out was something the teacher tells my daughter when she gets frustrated. “If it is easy, its practice. If it is hard you are learning.”

So….did you really pass first grade?

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!


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