Mary J. Bilge


Life has been throwing some serious curve balls, left hooks, and uppercuts as of late. I had a friend tell me it seems like a dark cloud follows me because I always know someone who has just passed away or who has been affected by loss in some way. I almost dared to get down about this, but then something strange happened. Out of nowhere the chorus to Mary J. Bilge “Real Love” began to play in my head….crazy right!

I thought so too but it got me to thinking. When I thought it over, the fact that I know the losses felt by many, means that I also have had the privilege of being touched by the lives of many. Some just acquaintances, and others I have never actually met. Nevertheless, these people left their mark through their influence on the life of a daughter, son, grandchild, or friend in my circle.

I have witnessed tears of sorrow, tears of joy, laughter, and love. I by no means welcome the grief and sorrow that loss brings. But I welcome the lessons learned and the Real Love that permeates these relationships.

I do not know what stage of your life you are in, but if you find yourself in the search for Real Love, you might try looking right under you nose first. Start close or you may just miss the Realest Love there is.

P16 is your life……HATCHED!


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