They Almost Killed You

They almost killed me! That is what I would like to think. It is easy to blame others for my current situation. It is easy because I was under a tremendous amount of pressure and responsible for numerous people whom had no desire to work in concert with me. EVERYTHING was an uphill battle!  Even still, if I am being honest with myself it was me that almost killed me. There are very few things that I have control over in this life and one of them is how I react emotionally. My tendency has been to take everything personally, I internalize most things and over analyze others motives behind their actions, to the point of making myself sick sometimes. I worry and rehash events trying to understand the who, what, how, and why in every situation. This is difficult for me to admit because while doing this I profess to be a confident leader, grounded in my faith, which is not entirely wrong but I have been missing the mark.

The good news in all this is that God did not give up on me. Instead He knocked me down so he could build me back up. I must be a hard case because this time He left no room for me to doubt where my help came from. In this situation my help could have only come from the Lord. Nothing short of a miracle saved my life and I have never been more clear on the power of faith and love.

The Perfecting Project is in full effect. I am excited about this journey. This is your life…HATCHED!


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