“I am a fighter. I fight the world, flesh, and the devil. If you want to fight me you have to decide which category you fit into.”- Robert J. Morgan
In this life, there will always be someone who has something to say about how you live and how you don’t live. However the fact of the matter is that many of us are completely aware of our strengths and shortcomings. We do not need someone else to point out these things for us. Even so, some folks will make it their business to tear you down instead of build you up. The quote above is something I came across when studying and it resonated with me. It was a powerful statement spoken from one Christian to another. It speaks volumes because it calls the person out for seeking to tear down instead of seeking to build others up. We do not have to agree on everything but I am much more inclined to build up my fellow human rather than tear them down. I think what the world needs now is LOVE. Try it on for a change, and if you are opposed to that choose the category you fit in and remember I am a fighter and the victory has already been won:-)


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