Small Wonders…….. “Weeeeee!”

As I rode a glass elevator up and looked out the window a young child stood nearby yelling “weeee!”. The elevator was not fast and the view was mediocre at best but with adoration the child proclaimed “weeeeee” nevertheless. 

This little one was able to see something that I was not because their view of the world has not yet been obstructed by all the atrocities that adults encounter each day.
One thing that occurred to me however is that when I saw the child and their fascination with the view I too was able to delight in it. My heart became light, a smile burst forth and grew into an audible laugh. In that moment I remembered that my view is obstructed by very real situations and circumstances but it’s alright to revive my child-like appreciation and joy for the small wonders around me. I want to enjoy the ride, “Weeee!”


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