You Don’t Have To Wait

In the workforce today and in the world, there are many people with high aspirations. I have been asked for advice on how to achieve the goal of being promoted or achieve some other goal that feels out of reach for the person inquiring because they keep coming up against barriers and roadblocks. At every turn they get a resounding NO and at times are not even acknowledged at all.

Experience has taught me something in these situations, both personally and as an observer.  Although not always the case, there have been times that the root cause is the person is not leading from the place they are in now. If you wait until you get the job, the title, or the position, to show you are a leader, you may never get the opportunity to be the leader.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT to be the person you want to be, are called to be, and are born to be.  Be that person now.  If not now, take a step in that direction, put pen to paper and make a plan.

The Perfecting Project is your life…HATCHED!NO WAITING


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