Playing the Game

“Am I playing the game or being a doormat?”

Working in Corporate America can be a daunting task at times. Staying true to what you believe in is a constant battle when you are accountable to a larger organization.

The one thing I have to remember to ask myself is, “Do I still love what I do and are my reasons for doing it still enough to keep me in the organization?” In my case, the answer to the question is yes and leads me to feeling rejuvenated and reminds me that when I feel like a doormat I need to reframe that feeling and remind myself that I am a diplomat. A diplomat is someone who is tactful and skillful in managing difficult situations. We cannot bulldoze our way through everything even when we feel like we know the right answer. It is difficult to be patient and wait it out when we have the vision, but in the end the payoff is so sweet.  I don’t always understand the rules, but I am still in the game.  If you don’t know or understand the rules, observe and ask questions. Take notes and try new ways of doing things. Above all else, do not throw in the towel! It is not the popular thing to say but not all things come easy, but that does not mean they will never happen. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s play ball!

The Perfecting Project is your life…..HATCHED!


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