Like the First Time

What if everything you experienced today was like the first time? Do you remember the first time you saw the sun shine or tasted your favorite meal? Those are some of the firsts that I would love to relive. There are other firsts that I can for sure say one time was more than enough for a person to experience in a lifetime.

I honestly don’t remember a lot of my first occassions but I do know that feeling of butterflies in my stomach and that feeling of angst as I anticipate what is to come when an unknown challenge is before me that I anticipate to be unpleasant. I dare not call it worrying because I refuse to define this feeling as worry. Words are powerful and I urge you to choose your words carefully. Worry is circling without a solution so let’s reframe it and instead come up with a plan on how to approach the situation.
When I am prepped, I have consulted my peers, and I have meditated and prayed, then I have done my part to take the challenge head on. Worrying for me then has less room in the equation. It will sometimes force its way back in but it has to work a lot harder at it. When I don’t take the time to follow my process I make it easy for old habits and ways of thinking to resurface. The price I pay for that is way too high.

Take time to prepare, to develop your process, to listen, and to think. For me that means:

1. I read daily, it inspires me.

2. Journal daily, it centers me and keeps me focused and grateful and goal oriented.

3. Take long walks and talk with my husband and friends, clears my head and fosters connection.

This is what it looks like for me. It may look very different for you. Make it your own.

Experience life like it’s the first time every now and then…..or at least the good parts.

The Perfecting Project is YOUR LIFE….HATCHED!


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