Go Figure


Ok so I was not exactly good enough to call it figure skating, but when I did go ice skating for the first time a couple years ago I was pretty good. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was scared to death of breaking my ankle, leg, or any other limb. But nevertheless I laced up and headed out on the ice determined to “fake it til I make it”. My daughter on the other hand with tears in her eyes told me she couldn’t do it. Now, had she said she didn’t want to, I would have said no problem. But, she said she couldn’t. I saw fear and defeat in her face. So you know what we did? We went on the ice together, somewhat against her will I must say. We talked as she moved along and I explained that fear stops us from trying and that she would not give in to it.

Well she made it around the rink and the fear began to disappear and the tears ceased. I did not know if she would ever skate again, but fear didn’t win that day!

Fear is a concept, it’s in your head. Don’t let it stop you!

The Perfecting Project is Your Life….HATCHED!


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