Celebrating Others

Sometimes I feel like I am in a rut. Things are not going bad, they are just going. I am going about my day-to-day activities and I need something to give me a boost. I need something to rejuvenate me. Some people get their boost from a cup of coffee, others get a boost from excercise or some other healthy activity.  Wherever you go to get it I wonder if it is as good or lasts as long as the boost I get from celebrating others.

Maybe I am odd, but I truly get excited when I see someone else excel.  This is especially true if it is someone close to me that I perhaps have been mentoring or spending time with, encouraging them as they find their way.  These type of relationships are never a one way interaction for me. I am edified and encouraged along the way and when the person sees their goals and aspirations start to materialize it is as if I am receiving the prize as well.

Early in my career and life I chased the dream for myself.  The sun has not yet set on my life yet so I still have dreams and aspirations, but I want to be sure that along the way to getting mine I celebrate and participate in lifting others up along my journey.  That is where I get the most mileage out of life and where I feel like I really made a difference.  pexels-photo-674723.jpeg



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