You Never Know

I have been through my fair share of ups and downs, peaks and valleys. I have had and witnessed some exhilarating experiences and some devastating ones as well. On any given day a person can be at their best or at their worst. Or maybe just somewhere in between.

The question we often do not stop to ask ourselves is “why?”. I mean, who has time to figure other people’s issues when we have our own to get through. We simply need others to fall in line so we can get where we need to go and get done what we need to get done.

Except, what happens when the fateful day comes and you are off your game?

On that day, I(we) want others to remember my good days. I want them to remember my best day even. The day that I knocked it out of the park! Can we extend some latitude to others? Can we give them a little wiggle room?

Assuming positive intent, forgiving, and extending some grace can go a long way toward building relationships and building character. I mean, you never know when you will need the same in your direction.


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