Open heart, Open Mind

2019 is the year of OPEN. This is not a resolution, it is a way of thinking. It is a choice I am making to be intentional about letting go of some of the self-constructed walls that I put up when I want to control my environment. It is unnerving to think you are an open person and that you are agile and able to receive feedback, only to realize that you are not quite as good at it as you thought you were. Holding on to the fallacy that you 1) are right about most things and 2) you must maintain control and avoid risk so you don’t get hurt is one way to ensure that you not only get hurt but others do too. Lots of unnecessary suffering involved. Just when I thought I had conquered these obstacles there is yet another layer. No conquering involved, no arriving, it’s an ongoing process. So with that, my daily practice is to be open to the possibilities and that is actually quite freeing. I still have structure, lol. I am still me. However, I am aiming to stop shutting down opportunities before they even get off the ground. Open heart, open mind. For me this is synonymous with faith. For you it may be faith, trust, hope. I don’t know what the label is for others. I do know that my heart is open and with an open heart my mind is following suit.


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