Unexpected Blessings

Sunday was a reminder of what happens when you show up even when you don’t feel like it. When I went to bed last night I intended to sleep well and rise early to get to church refreshed. Instead a thunderstorm rolled in and my dog was unhappy. That meant the night was long and sleep was greatly disrupted.

I awakened and I am grateful for that. What did not happen was the refreshed part. My body ached and I was tired. But..I felt this tug, a pull…a real longing to get to church. So, the whole house got up and got ready and off we went.

As I sat in the pew and heard my Pastor ask us to open our Bible to read the scripture reading for today it became clear why it was absolutely necessary for me to be in the house of worship today. The sermon text was the same text that serves as the foundation for this blog. This was not a coincidence. It was a divine appointment.

Keep showing up, keep engaging, keep moving. Stay the course!

Every single day is a blessing and there are even some you don’t see coming;-)


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