A Star is Born

Today I watched a kids music concert. The kids were fantastic!

The tears of joy from the grandparents,parents, family and friends were heartwarming.

JOY, LOVE, HOPE! That is what I see when I see our kids.

As I looked at my own kid I saw perseverance and determination and my heart almost burst because she doesn’t give up. She has been to specialists for her throat; speech therapists, voice lessons, acting lessons….and why?! Because she has a dream. She wants to be an actress.

I don’t know what her future holds, I do know that when people put their mind to something they can accomplish it.

Both of my kids have taught me a lot about dreaming bigger.

I dream way smaller than I should. Go big or go home. Reach beyond the stars. Don’t be afraid to fail because we all do.

And as one kid on the piano said, “time for the big finish”. Get started so you can finish. The world is waiting.


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