Common ground…Holding on to Hope

I look to my left and the two of them are in a full blown conversation like they are old friends. It was almost strange, but it was refreshing at the same time.

On another day and in another place I will be honest and say my past experiences may have caused me to pause for a second and wonder if the person to our left was approachable or friendly even. I would have given them a chance (I hope). Yet, I there would have been a certain level of suspicion. I mean I am the same person who has been called names and had foreign substances poured on out of car windows as I walk down the sidewalk because of the hate people can perpetuate.

Today though. Today! This day was marked by kindness after kindness after kindness. I have to say I was truly blessed. There were people from all over and all walks of life all on common ground and one accord.

If we can find just one thing to rally around and cheer for in the same direction could it break down a barrier?

Find the one thing in your circle. Find the common ground. It can make all the difference and you can be the difference.

Holding on to hope.


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