Wisdom Wears A Costume


About a year ago I was at the top of my game. I mean fitness model style, doing Jillian Michaels videos and blazing through Zumba class with ease. But then it happened. I tore a ligament in my ankle and had to have surgery. For me this was a major setback and I let myself gain back the 30+ pounds I lost and found myself back at square one (I know, I cannot believe it either).

Anyway, I am working my way back but not quite there yet. So I have started running almost every day and am up to running 60 minutes at a time. Well, yesterday I was out jogging and it was a cool day so there were lots of folks out taking advantage.

As I ran I was people watching and found that I was able to put people into one of three groups.

1) young and fast
2) middle aged and steady
3) elderly and persistent

The first group went strong but didn’t last long, while the other two were very different from the youngsters. The strategy of the middle-aged and elderly was to focus on longevity.

I bet in the eyes of the young the middle-aged and elderly were quite amusing. For there were sine who were heavy and sine who were frail and thin. There were some who were big and tall. And there were many who were struggling and trudging along. But what was less obvious was that underneath what appeared to be undesireable (yes I include myself in that so don’t get offended) is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. An understanding that slow and steady wins the race. An understanding that you do have to pace yourself in life if you plan to be around a while. This is the type of understanding that comes from living.

It’s wisdom..highly sought after and if personified would look like a million bucks, a super model, or a fancy car.

Yet wisdom is often instead wearing a disguise. It can be found in the neighbor you have branded as mean. Or the quiet white haired man who sits alone in the cafeteria. So keep up the road warrior pace of you dare, but when and If you decide to steady your pace; you might just find out you have been missing out.What is good for us isn’t always obvious….plus it seems that most of the time wisdom comes in disguise….I guess you could say wisdom wears a costume.

P16 is your life…..HATCHED!


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